Installing Steel Pilings for Foundation

Having owned this property for ten years, I felt that the we needed to design the foundation for the site, and suggested we set the the structure on deep pilings so that it would be able to float over the sandy beach soils in the area. Northwest Territories Inc, a an engineering firm in Port Angeles, with extensive experience in geo technical and soils work, was instrumental in helping to understand the specifics of this job site.

On Monday November 26th, a crisp sunny day in the Olympic rain shadow, Garret Delabarre, Delabarre Construction, in Port Angeles, supervised the exacting task of placing and driving the pilings for the foundation. Luck and weather were on our side during this process…but it was a long day!

pilings_3 pilings_2

In addition the the 5,000 lb hammer head used to drive the steel pilings into the soil, you will notice the fine view of Mt. Baker afforded by this site…